Bib Savers - Dots

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Available colors:
  • Blue Dots - Petite Créations
  • Pink Dots - Petite Créations
  • Red Dots - Petite Créations
  • Teal Dots - Petite Créations

The BIB SAVER allows you to make anything into a bib to keep your child from getting dirty. You will never have to carry around a bib again, or leave dirty bibs forgotten in your diaper bag! 
Features: Easy to use and attaches to anything; napkins, kitchen towels, washcloths and much more. BIB SAVERS are a smart addition to your diaper bag, kitchen drawer, pocket or handbag. Can also be used not only to make bibs, but to hold anything you need close by. Attach a handy dish towel, attach your child’s 1st drawing, make a nursing cover while breastfeeding...and many more options! 
Easy to use, at home or on the go! 

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BS 003


Petite Créations