Founded in April 1995, Bô Bébé is a Quebec-based family business specializing in baby products. Throughout the years, this young business has successfully carved out its place in the national market thanks to a tireless team that is committed to ranking at the top of its field.

The business took shape when its founder, a passionate seamstress, decided to share her knowledge with other mothers and start her own business. Together, they made bibs, sheets, bedspreads and other small accessories with their hand-embroidered Bô Bébé logo, which is still used today.

After a few years of artisanal-scale work in a barely 1000-square-foot space, other members of the family decided to join the team. Soon after, the demand for their products saw incredible growth, so the business decided to devote itself entirely to the project. Its name was quickly gaining a good reputation in the market, among customers and vendors alike. It was the recognition and support of the vendors that encouraged the family to take the plunge into the baby products industry.

With the confidence gained through their partnership, the family felt ready to launch a bigger venture. This change took place in early 2000, when the first Bô Bébé store opened its doors in a 2000-square-foot storefront at the corner of Saint-Laurent and de Louvain Streets. They offered a simple selection of equipment, furniture, clothing, and accessories for babies on top of the brand’s own products. They were able to conserve the original culture of the business as well as its relationship with customers and vendors.

Just like a baby, the small family business grew little by little, in reputation and size, until it became a Quebec-based business specializing in baby products. Ready to face its competition, it was able to establish itself on the national market thanks to its ever-committed team. Expansion became its passion and resulted in Bô Bébé’s unparalleled success.

These milestones have been achieved thanks to customer encouragement, vendor support, and employee commitment:  

- In 2009, a second 14 000-square-foot Bô Bébé location opened in Laval.

- In 2011, the small 2000-square-foot Montréal store expanded to 16 000 square feet.

- In 2012, Bô Bébé launched a new website including an online store.

- In 2012, Bô Bébé opened a third store in Saint-Hubert (South Shore) in a 20 000-square-foot space.

- In 2014, the head office and the Laval store moved to a larger location on Laval’s Industriel Blvd.

And our dream continues! We plan to expand our company across Quebec and then the rest of Canada, where more loyal customers await. We plan our future projects with integrity and a lot of faith—keeping customer satisfaction a top priority and preserving the founder’s culture as a cornerstone.

Today, we are extremely proud of what we have created and what we will create. Our loyal customers, too, should be proud of this Quebec-based business and encourage it, since, together, we will go even further!