About us

Bô Bébé is a Quebec-based family business specializing in baby products. Founded in April 1995, this young company carved out a place on the national market thanks to a team that does not cease to invest in creativity and customer satisfaction. Bô Bébé is among the most highly regarded companies in its field.  

The story begins when the founder, a mother and passionate seamstress, decides to share her knowledge with other moms. Together, they make bibs, bed sheets, bedspreads and some other small accessories on which they hand embroider Bô bébé’s logo, still used today. After several years of perfecting craftsmanship in a space that did not exceed 1000 square feet, other members of her family decided to join her. The demand for Mrs. Nassif’s work increased exponentially.  The family engaged themselves fully in her project. 

In no time, Bô Bébé’s name and reputation achieved great success in the market, earning praise from customers and suppliers. It was this support and recognition that prompted the family to enter the baby business fully. Finding strength in their unity, the family was ready to go into business.

At the beginning of the year 2000, the Bô Bébé store moved to a 2000 square foot locale at the corner of St-Laurent and Louvain, where its headquarters is also situated. Following the move, a range of equipment, furniture, clothing and accessories for babies was added to the other products offered. Throughout these changes, Bo Bebe maintained its culture and good relationship with its customers and its suppliers.

Just like a baby, the family business gradually grew both in its name and its size, until it became a Quebec-based company specializing in baby products. Ready to face the competition, Bô Bébé established itself in the marketplace thanks to its passionate team. The company achieved ever greater success.

The success continued. Encouraged by its customers and suppliers along with a core of committed employees:

- In 2009, opening of a second store in Laval of 14,000 square feet

- In 2011, the little store in Montreal of 2000 square feet has grown to 16,000 square feet

- In 2012, launching of our new website with online shopping

- In 2012, opening of a third store in St-Hubert (South Shore) with an area of 20,000 square feet

- In 2014, moving of our Headquarters and our Laval branch into a bigger location on bvld. Industriel, in Laval.

As the dream continues, we plan to cover the entire Quebec province, and then expand out to the rest of Canada, where other loyal customers are waiting for us. It is with honesty and a lot of faith that we are working on future projects by giving priority to our customers’ satisfaction, while keeping the culture of the founder as the cornerstone.

Today, we are prouder than ever of what we have accomplished and we are looking forward to the future. Please join us in our pride in celebrating this Quebec Company, because: Together, we will go further…